Dr James Field, Founder & CEO

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James is founder and CEO of LabGenius. James completed his PhD studies at Imperial College London where his research was focused on re-engineering protein nanocages for biotechnological applications. Prior to his PhD, James completed a BSc in Biology with Microbiology and an MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology, at Imperial College London. James is an active member of the synthetic biology community having participated in the iGEM competition both as an undergraduate (2009), advisor (2011) and judge (2016). In 2017, James was awarded the BBSRC Innovator of the Year award for early career impact. James is also a fellow of the prestigious Synthetic Biology Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (LEAP).


Dr Adam Russell, Commercial Officer

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Commercial lead at LabGenius with responsibility for Strategy, Business Development, Market Evaluation, Commercial Partnerships and Product Management. 

Adam studied Chemistry (MSci) at Imperial College where he graduated top of his year; he subsequently completed his PhD at the University of Oxford. Before joining LabGenius Adam spent several years working at Johnson Matthey (UK FTSE 100 company) where he was part of the JM Group Innovation and New Business Development team. 


Harry Rickerby, CSO

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Harry is the CSO at LabGenius. Harry is responsible for overseeing the development and application of EVA - LabGenius’ AI-driven evolution engine. Harry was LabGenius’ first employee, co-inventing it’s foundational library synthesis technology and applying this to numerous directed evolution projects. Harry was appointed as a technical advisor to the EPSRC-funded Portabolomics project at Newcastle University. Before LabGenius, Harry studied at Imperial College, attaining an MRes in Systems and Synthetic Biology, in which he achieved a distinction.


Dr Pedro Tizei, Automation Scientist

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Pedro is an Automation Scientist at LabGenius, working on development and optimisation of EVA - the company's evolution engine. During his PhD studies, in Structural and Molecular Biology at UCL, Pedro developed a novel strategy for the directed evolution of flexible loops in proteins. This novel technology was used to accelerate the exploration of functional sequence space in β-lactamases. Prior to his PhD, Pedro obtained an MSc in Genetics and Molecular Biology at UNICAMP and a BSc in Biological Sciences from USP, both in Brazil.


Dr Annelie Oswald, Platform Scientist

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At LabGenius, Annelie is responsible for product development on LabGenius’ EVA platform. Prior to her work at LabGenius, she was an MRC Career Development Fellow at the Crick Institute.  Her research focused on the reconstruction of a developmental clock using synthetic biology, in which she established a microfluidics platform for single cell long-term-time-lapse microscopy. Annelie is a published scientist with extensive interdisciplinary experience from developmental and molecular biology to engineering and mathematical modelling.

Annelie previously completed her PhD in Biology at the MPI-CBG in Dresden, Germany.  She received a MSc in Molecular Bioengineering from the BIOTEC/TU-Dresden in Germany and a BSc in Biochemical Engineering from Rutgers University in NJ, USA.



Dr Ben Mackrow, Synthetic Biologist

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Ben is a Synthetic Biologist at LabGenius. Since joining LabGenius in 2015, his experience in DNA sequence design, DNA assembly and protein selection has helped lay the foundation for EVA. He has been solely responsible for the construction of a number of highly advanced and variant DNA libraries for both LabGenius' academic and industrial customers. Ben completed his PhD in Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London in late 2016. His research focused on the design and engineering of an in vivo system with the ability to evolve target proteins without the need for prior knowledge of gene sequence, whilst selecting for novel and improved functionality.  Ben previously received his MRes in Synthetic Biology (Distinction) from University College London in 2012 and his BSc in Biomedical Science/Forensics from Brunel University in 2011.



Mo Niknafs, COO

Mo is the COO at LabGenius. He oversees operations, brand, and non-dilutive financing.

Mo completed his MEng in Mechanical Engineering at Imperial College London. For his Masters project, Mo investigated the bio-augmentation of synthetic materials, focussing on the synthesis of a polydopamine-mediated antimicrobial coating (1st Class). His 3rd year group project entailed the creation of a 3D food printer, also achieving a 1st Class. Outside of academic pursuits, Mo co-founded Imperial College Design Collective and was a founding committee member of Imperial Create Lab.