DNA libraries accelerate evolution.

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Traditional methods for engineering biological systems are slow

The traditional approach to engineering biology involved using a design-build-test cycle to iteratively improve a genetic design. This approach is often slow, unreliable and ultimately yields poor genetic solutions.


With a synthetic DNA library, you can try many sequences in parallel

A synthetic DNA library is large pool of DNA sequences that encode variants of a common design. This pool of sequences can be experimentally evaluated (screened) to identify a high performing genetic solution.


This makes engineering biological systems much faster

Taking a library-based approach is equivalent to conducting many design-build-test cycles in parallel. This approach rapidly yields high-performing genetic designs, ultimately enabling new biological products and systems to be engineered faster and more reliably.


LabGenius make the world's most advanced synthetic DNA libraries

We have developed a proprietary technology that, unlike traditional gene synthesis methods, bypasses the need for long sequence hybridisation. This novel approach enables us to construct large and complex libraries that are well beyond the reach of other commercial providers. By complementing this manufacturing capability with sequence design algorithms, machine learning, and automation, we are able to rapidly engineer novel biological components that have never existed before.